Why is multi-platform presence is important for fashion resale businesses? 

May 29, 2024

The second-hand fashion market has seen significant and rapid growth in recent years. As demand for high-quality pre-owned items has surged, numerous specialized resale platforms have emerged, including ding Vestiaire Collective, Vinted, eBay, The Vintage Bar, Joli Closet, Grailed, and many more. These platforms, along with new ones appearing regularly, present professional second-hand fashion resellers with abundant opportunities to expand their customer base and significantly increase sales.

How can fashion resellers leverage these various sales channels to boost their revenue without wasting valuable time? In this article, we will explore strategies to capitalize on the e-commerce luxury and premium fashion resale market efficiently.

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What are the main benefits of reselling on several marketplaces ? 

Increase Sales 

The high traffic on second-hand marketplaces is a significant growth driver for resellers sales. Millions of consumers visit these platforms daily in search of their dream pre-owned pieces. By listing their product catalog on multiple sites simultaneously, resellers can dramatically increase their revenues. The recipe is simple: the more online presence you have, the higher your chances of selling your products. 

Boost brand visibility 

Multi-channel selling can also help resale businesses increase their brand visibility. By having a presence on multiple marketplaces, resellers can get their fashion resale brand in front of more potential customers, ultimately increasing brand awareness. This increased visibility can lead to more traffic on reseller’s eshop, higher sales, and ultimately, more significant profits.

Gain credibility 

Many marketplaces offer additional benefits to professional resellers, such as Vestiaire Collective's "Trusted Vendors” and “Expert Vendors” badges. These distinctions not only enhance visibility on the platform but also signal to potential buyers that your business is reputable and trusted by well-known online platforms.

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What is cross-listing ? 

In the context of resale fashion, "cross-listing" refers to the practice of listing the same item on multiple online marketplaces simultaneously. As you may have understood by now, this strategy allows resellers to reach a broader audience, maximize their sales opportunities, and increase the visibility of their products.

Think of cross-listing as putting your eggs in multiple baskets. By diversifying where your items are listed, you reduce the risk associated with relying on a single platform and increase your chances of finding the right buyer more quickly.

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How to cross-list your pre-loved items on marketplaces with Oly platform? 

If you're interested in cross-listing your products across multiple sales channels, you might wonder how to begin. On average, listing a product on one platform takes about 5 minutes per item, which can easily and up to dozens of hours each week spent publishing and managing your listings and inventory. Using a cross-listing tool like Oly platform can streamline this process and save you significant time.

Oly simplifies and automates the process of posting your listings to multiple marketplaces, eliminating the need for manual entry. You only need to publish your products once, and Oly will distribute all the necessary information to the fashion resale marketplaces of your choice. Our platform connects seamlessly with your website (such as Shopify or WooCommerce for WordPress or simply from a Google Sheet) and integrates with marketplaces like Vestiaire Collective, Vinted, eBay, The Vintage Bar, Joli Closet, Grailed

Our user-friendly interface not only accelerates the listing process but also automatically fills in the required fields for each marketplace based on your provided information. It’s as easy as it sounds! Oly helps you save time and grow your sales effortlessly.

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Which marketplaces should you choose for your resale business ? 

Oly offers resellers a wide selection of renowned marketplaces for cross-selling their pre-owned items. However, choosing the right platform can be challenging. To determine the best online marketplace to expand your resale business and maximize your activity, consider asking yourself the following questions: Who is my audience? Does it align with the marketplace’s offerings and its users? Am I targeting a local or international market? (Oly integrates major European and American marketplaces, allowing professional resellers to connect their business internationally.)

Other important factors to consider when choosing marketplaces for cross-selling include additional costs like selling fees, commissions on sales, and platform-specific requirements such as minimum selling prices. The Oly team has compiled these key features in an intuitive marketplace guide, which you can consult below. Additionally, the table below provides further insights into your favorite marketplaces. We hope this information will help you on your reselling journey and encourage you to start cross-selling with Oly platform!

Access to our marketplace guide in one click: Oly Marketplace Guide 
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