Why sell on Vinted Pro as a fashion resale business?

March 31, 2024

For professional resellers, choosing the right marketplace to sell their pre-loved items can make all the difference. Among the numerous existing secondhand platforms, Vinted stands out as one of the largest marketplaces on the European resale market, boasting a vast user base and an extensive selection of pre-loved fashion items. Currently, Vinted hosts over 45 million members across Europe, making it a leader in the fashion resale industry. 

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What is the competitive advantage of Vinted? 

Setting itself apart as the most competitive platform regarding selling fees for professional sellers, Vinted offers a fee-free selling experience. This means that professional sellers can showcase their items on Vinted without incurring any fees, providing them with a cost-effective platform to promote their inventory.. 

Besides, with its intuitive user interface and robust features, Vinted offers an unparalleled platform for fashion resale businesses. Pro resellers can easily showcase their inventory and leverage features such as detailed product descriptions, high-quality images, and customizable pricing options to attract buyers. 

Finally, pro sellers enjoy the benefit of listing an unlimited number of articles for free – At Oly we know that this listing process can be time-consuming, involving completing a form, accurately selecting a category for the item, and uploading several high-quality photo. But with the integration of Vinted into Oly platform, this process becomes more streamlined and efficient, allowing Pro Sellers to maximize their productivity and sales potential, by seamlessly connecting their eshop catalog to Vinted

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What is Vinted Pro? 

Vinted Pro represents a leap forward for Vinted and for vintage sellers, consignment shops or resale entrepreneurs, as it opens its doors to professional fashion businesses. This new service is designed specifically for resale businesses and entrepreneurs, providing them with a tailored platform to showcase their inventory and connect with millions of potential buyers.

How does Vinted Pro work? 

How to create a Vinted Por account? 

To sign up for Vinted Pro, users must provide essential business information through the Vinted website. This includes:

  • Username
  • Company details (name, legal form, registration number, etc.)
  • Bank information
  • VAT number (if applicable)
  • Contact details
  • Legal representative's personal information

If you already have a private Vinted account you want to turn into a professional account, you can either convert your private account to a Vinted Pro account, transferring your existing information and product listing seamlessly or keep your private account and create a separate Pro account, using different contact details.

How much is Vinted Pro? 

Subscription and listing articles are free. However, pro sellers have the option to increase their visibility through additional services, such as the "boosting listing" feature. This feature allows sellers to prioritize specific articles, ensuring they gain prominence on the platform and increased visibility among users. 

How do pro-sellers get paid on Vinted? 

Vinted Pro sellers receive payments directly through the platform's secure payment system. Upon completing a sale, funds are deposited into the seller's designated account, providing a hassle-free payment process and ensuring timely access to earnings.

Regarding the commissions and selling fees Vinted provides a buyer protection fee instead of charging sellers, which buyers are required to pay as a percentage of their purchases. This fee typically ranges between 3% and 8% of the total purchase amount, ensuring a secure and reliable transaction process for both buyers and sellers on the platform. For more information on Vinted selling fees procedure and other marketplaces commission's policies please refer to the following article : Guide for Fashion Resale Marketplaces Selling Fees and Services for Fashion Resale Businesses

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Is it best to sell on Vinted or Ebay? 

While both Vinted and eBay offer valuable opportunities for fashion resale businesses, each platform has its unique advantages. Vinted's specialized focus on fashion and sustainability appeals to an audience passionate about curated fashion finds. On the other hand, eBay's broad reach and diverse user base may appeal to sellers seeking a more generalized marketplace and looking to reach eBay’s best-performing markets (North America, UK, Germany…). Ultimately, the decision between Vinted and eBay depends on your specific business goals, target audience, and selling preferences. For a deeper exploration of the advantages of opening an eBay store, check out our article : Why create an eBay store for a resale business?

But why choose when you can sell on both effortlessly? This is the key benefit of working with a solution like Oly, as we connect your eshop catalog to several resale marketplaces at the same time, without the hassle of managing all of the manually. More time, and more sales, in just a few seconds!


Vinted represents a unique opportunity for professional resellers in the fashion industry. It deserves a prime spot in any fashion business particularly those aiming to broaden their reach in the European resale market. With its extensive user base, fee-free selling experience, and tailored features through Vinted Pro, sellers can showcase their inventory effectively and connect with millions of potential buyers. Integrated with Oly's services, sellers can expect streamlined operations and a growing revenue . 

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