Why create an eBay store for a resale business?

March 14, 2024

Finding the right platform can make all the difference - at Oly, we believe that capitalizing on the traffic of marketplaces is key to grow a resale business. and eBay certainly stands out when it comes to giving visibility to your products to a worldwide customer base! But why stop at individual listings when you can have your own eBay store? In this exploration, we'll uncover how an eBay store can transform your reselling business, offering a dedicated space for your products, streamlined inventory management, and increasing your visibility. 


What is an eBay store for professional fashion resellers?

Why sell on eBay? 

An eBay store provides sellers with a dedicated online storefront within the eBay platform. It serves as a centralized hub for showcasing products, building brand identity, and conducting transactions. Unlike individual listings, which are dispersed throughout the platform, an eBay store offers sellers a cohesive space to display their inventory and engage with customers. It’s also an opportunity for resellers to showcase their brand image and communicate about their activity. eBay is a leading online marketplace that facilitates buying and selling of a diverse range of products and services. It operates on a global scale, connecting millions of buyers and sellers across various categories, and regarding fashion, from big retailers items to top luxury pieces. With its extensive reach and established reputation, eBay serves as an ideal platform for individuals, small businesses, and enterprises alike. And it’s definitely the place to sell pre-owned fashion!

How does eBay stores work?

eBay stores operate as customizable storefronts where sellers can showcase their products in an organized manner. Fashion resellers have the flexibility to design their store layout, customize branding elements, and categorize products according to their niche or inventory. Additionally, eBay provides tools and features to manage inventory, track sales performance, and communicate with customers seamlessly. All this perfectly suits the needs of any resale business, to manage and pilot their listing and sales activity.

What are the main benefits of having an eBay store?

eBay Stores provide sellers with an avenue to save substantially on fees, particularly for those posting over 250 listings per month. By subscribing to an eBay Store, sellers gain access to valuable tools for brand building, with all listings featured on a personalized storefront bearing their name and a unique URL.

A concrete example underscores the savings potential. For instance, with a Basic eBay Store subscription, sellers can enjoy zero insertion fees for up to 1,000 listings, translating to significant cost savings. Consider a scenario where 1,000 items are sold, each priced at $10. Without a subscription, total fees could amount to $1,817.50, whereas with a Basic subscription, fees reduce to $1,191.95, resulting in a substantial one-month saving of $625.55. 

Beyond fee savings, eBay Store subscriptions unlock additional benefits. Sellers gain access to promotions managers, empowering them to create enticing promotions to attract new buyers and drive traffic. Moreover, the Terapeak Sourcing Insights tool utilizes real-time eBay marketplace data to help sellers identify high-performing categories and make informed selling decisions.

How to sell on eBay as a small resale business? 

Small resale businesses can leverage eBay as a platform to reach a wider audience and grow their customer base. By creating compelling product listings, offering competitive pricing, and choosing the adapted  subscription option, small businesses can establish a presence on eBay and compete effectively in the online marketplace.


Can I turn my personal eBay account into a professional business? 

Of course, if you feel ready to bring your reselling business to the next step, you can transition your personal eBay account into a professional business account by upgrading to an eBay store subscription, choosing among the subscription options depending on your business size and country. This allows any fashion resellers to access advanced selling tools, customize their storefront, and unlock additional features tailored to their business needs.

How do sellers get paid on eBay ? 

Resellers on eBay receive payments from buyers through various methods, including PayPal, credit/debit cards, and other electronic payment platforms. eBay provides secure payment processing services to facilitate transactions and ensure a seamless buying experience for both parties involved.

Can I sell on eBay without a bank account? 

eBay requires resellers to have a verified PayPal account or a linked bank account for receiving payments. While having a bank account is typically necessary for withdrawing funds, resellers may explore alternative payment options depending on their location and preferences. 

What are the subscription conditions on eBay? 

eBay offers subscription plans for sellers interested in operating an eBay store. These plans vary in features and pricing, with subscription fees based on factors such as the volume of sales and additional services required. Sellers can choose the subscription plan that best aligns with their business needs and budget

eBay store subscription on ebay.com

The Starter subscription, priced at $4.95 per month for a yearly commitment, caters to sellers with a limited product range seeking to establish their brand presence. With 250 free fixed-price insertions, this tier provides a cost-effective solution for sellers looking to dip their toes into the world of online retail.

Stepping up to the Basic subscription, priced at $21.95 per month, unlocks a wealth of benefits, including 1,000 zero insertion fee listings across all categories. Moreover, sellers enjoy final value fee discounts, enhancing profitability and competitiveness in the marketplace.

For sellers boasting an extensive product assortment, the Premium subscription, priced at $59.95 per month, offers unparalleled value. With 10,000 zero insertion fee listings, sellers can expand their inventory without incurring additional costs. Final value fees remain competitive, further optimizing profit margins.

The Anchor subscription, priced at $299.95 per month, caters to high-volume sellers with vast product catalogs. Boasting 25,000 zero insertion fee listings across all categories, this tier enables sellers to scale their operations seamlessly. Additionally, dedicated customer support ensures prompt resolution of any issues, facilitating smoother business operations.

At the top of eBay Store subscriptions lies the Enterprise tier, priced at $2,999.95 per month. Designed for elite sellers commanding significant market share, this tier offers an impressive 100,000 zero insertion fee listings, providing unparalleled scalability. Final value fees remain competitive, ensuring profitability even at scale.

eBay Store subscription on ebay.co.uk

For sellers and buyers from Great Britain, ebay.co.uk provides various subscription options tailored for both private and business sellers. Private Sellers, with the Basic eBay Shop, receive a monthly allowance of 1,000 free listings or 1,100 for £19.99/month. Additional listings incur a £0.35 fee each, with Final Value Fees set at 12.8% of the total sale amount. Business Sellers have a range of options, from Basic to Anchor subscriptions, with fees ranging from £27 to £437. The Basic subscription offers 250 free fixed-price listings and 100 free auction-style listings, with Final Value Fees typically around 7% for items over £100.

eBay Store subscription on ebay.de

eBay.de caters to sellers and buyers from Germany, where business sellers can select from four available eBay Shop subscriptions. For a monthly fee of €39.95, the Basic subscription provides 400 free fixed-price listings and 40 free auction-style listings. Additional fixed-price listings cost €0.10 each, with Final Value Fees typically set at 11% of the total sale amount. Private sellers, however, operate without a subscription option. Private sellers benefit from monthly allocations of free listings, with additional fees applying once these limits are exceeded. 

eBay Store subscription on ebay.fr

Serving sellers and buyers from France, ebay.fr offers subscription packages for both private and business sellers. Private Sellers can opt for the Classic subscription, priced at €19.95/month, which includes 250 free listings. Additional listings incur a €0.35 fee each, with Final Value Fees typically around 10% of the total sale amount. Business Sellers have a choice between Basic, Featured, or Premium subscriptions, with fees starting at €19.50/month for Basic, offering 300 free fixed-price listings, and varying Final Value Fees.

eBay Store subscription on ebay.it

Serving Italy, ebay.it provides subscription packages primarily for business sellers. Private sellers enjoy monthly allocations of free listings, while business sellers can choose from Basic, Premium, and Premium Plus subscriptions, each providing various benefits such as discounted fees and access to growth tools. For a monthly fee of €19.95, the Basic subscription includes 250 free listings, with additional listings incurring a €0.35 fee each. Final Value Fees typically amount to 11.5% of the total sale amount.

eBay Store subscription on ebay.es

In Spain, ebay.es caters to sellers and buyers, offering subscription packages for both private and business sellers. Basic subscription, priced at €19.95/month, includes 100 free listings, with additional listings incurring a €0.35 fee each. Final Value Fees typically amount to 11.5% of the total sale amount for both private and business sellers.

eBay Store subscription on ebay.com.au

For sellers and buyers in Australia, ebay.com.au offers subscription packages for all sellers. The Basic subscription, priced at AU $24.95/month, includes 600 free listings, with additional fixed-price listings costing AU $0.50 each and auction-style listings at AU $3.00 each. Final Value Fees typically amount to 9.50% of the total sale amount.

By understanding the specific fees and benefits of each eBay international platform, sellers can make informed decisions to optimize their global sales potential.


Is it worth opening a store on eBay?

For sellers seeking to expand their online presence and maximize sales potential, opening an eBay store can be a worthwhile investment. With its cost-effective pricing plans, enhanced visibility, and streamlined selling tools, an eBay store offers numerous benefits that can contribute to the success of a resale business.

Does having an eBay store increase visibility? 

Yes, having an eBay store increases visibility for sellers' products by prioritizing store listings in search results. With enhanced visibility, sellers can reach a larger audience and attract more potential buyers, ultimately leading to increased sales and business growth.

Will I get more sales with an eBay store?

While success on eBay depends on various factors, such as product quality, pricing, and customer service, having an eBay store can indeed lead to more sales. With its promotional tools, customizable storefronts, and enhanced visibility, an eBay store provides sellers with the resources needed to attract buyers and drive conversions.

When should I set up an eBay store

As eBay stores have been made up especially for professional businesses, we advise sellers to consider setting up an eBay store when they have a consistent inventory, are looking to establish a cohesive brand identity, and want to maximize their selling potential on the platform. Additionally, sellers who anticipate high sales volumes or plan to scale their business may benefit from the features and tools offered by an eBay store.


How to extend your reach by opening eBay Stores on International Platforms? 

If you're considering venturing into the global marketplace or already do business internationally on eBay, opening an eBay Store on international platforms could significantly enhance your sales strategy. By tapping into these platforms, you gain access to a broader audience, foster business growth, and bolster your online visibility. Moreover, the reduced competition compared to eBay.com can offer distinct advantages. Similar to eBay.com, subscribing to an eBay Store on international platforms grants sellers a higher monthly limit of free listings and discounted Final Value Fees. This means that for sellers dealing with a substantial volume of listings and sales, the investment in a suitable subscription package can prove highly beneficial. However, it's essential to note that each international eBay site offers its own array of subscription packages, each with its unique fees. 

How to connect your eBay store to other marketplaces with Oly? 

Most professional fashion resellers already have an e-shop where they list their products. So you might be wondering how to automate your feed so that you can connect your e-shop directly to eBay without having to list your catalog manually. We have the solution for you!

Oly is a multi-channel e-commerce platform that enables sellers to connect their eBay store to other online marketplaces seamlessly. By cross-listing inventory from their eBay store to other marketplaces, sellers can expand their reach, increase sales channels, and automate the process of managing multiple sales platforms. Oly revolutionizes the landscape of the fashion resale market; let us provide you with more insights in the following article : How Oly Revolutionizes and Streamlines Professional Fashion Resale Businesses?

What is cross-listing

Cross-listing refers to the practice of listing inventory from one sales platform, such as an eBay Store, on multiple other marketplaces simultaneously. By cross-listing inventory, sellers can reach a broader audience, increase visibility, and maximize sales potential across different e-commerce platforms.

Is it worth it to cross-list your inventory from your eBay store to marketplaces ? 

Cross-listing inventory from your eBay store to other marketplaces can be highly beneficial for expanding your reach and increasing sales opportunities. By leveraging multiple sales channels, sellers can diversify their customer base, mitigate risks, and capitalize on the unique advantages offered by each marketplace. Discover all the benefits and reasons you should adopt cross-listing in the following article on the topic : Why selling on several resale marketplaces is a must for fashion professional resellers?


In conclusion, creating an eBay store for a resale business offers numerous advantages that can significantly elevate your selling experience and maximize profitability. eBay stores empower entrepreneurs to establish a cohesive brand identity and engage with customers effectively. Moreover, by extending your reach to international eBay platforms and leveraging cross-listing capabilities with platforms like Oly,  you can tap into global markets and unlock new opportunities for growth. With eBay's continued popularity and trusted reputation, establishing an eBay store presents a promising opportunity for reselling businesses seeking success in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

And the Oly team would be thrilled to help you set up your eBay store and connect it to your eshop. Just reach out to us if you want to know more!

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