Tips and tricks to increase your e-shop visibility thanks to marketplaces 

December 12, 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce, effectively attracting consumers to one's website is a perpetual concern for professional resellers. Given most strategies are temporary and costly, it is crucial to recognize the often underestimated potential of resale platforms in optimizing e-shop promotion. Marketplaces such as Vestiaire Collective, Rebelle, The Vintage Bar, are emerging as strategic partners that offer more than just a virtual storefront. They represent a powerful and cost-effective means to increase traffic to resellers' websites. In this article, we will delve into the detailed benefits and opportunities that judicious use of these marketplaces brings, aiming to expand reach and attract a broader audience to independent resellers' sites.

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Leverage Marketplace Traffic for Promoting Your Professional Resale Business

Luxury marketplaces act as hubs that attract a multitude of users. For instance, The Vintage Bar resale platform boasts over 250,000 members, creating a shared space for vintage dealers. By choosing to integrate their products into these prestigious platforms, independent retailers gain precious exposure to their target audience.

The visibility provided by these renowned marketplaces acts as a potent catalyst, directing traffic toward the individual websites of resellers. These platforms function as premium virtual storefronts, capturing the attention of high-end consumers who may not have discovered these independent boutiques otherwise. The pre-existing reputation of the marketplace creates an aura of trust and credibility around the products offered by resellers, thereby reinforcing their positioning in the luxury market.

This strategy provides professional resellers with the opportunity to reach an international clientele; marketplaces provide a seamless entry into new markets by eliminating language barriers and the need to navigate currency changes. Additionally, they assist in effectively handling potential conflicts with international clients, thereby minimizing the risk of disputes and enhancing buyer satisfaction.

“On Vestiaire Collective, we've achieved a position among the top 10 sellers, and the "expert seller" badge has bestowed upon us legitimacy and significantly increased visibility. This recognition has led to a substantial growth in our follower community. Rather than viewing marketplaces as competitors, we consider them complementary, and our goal has always been to collaborate and work together.”

Chloé, professional reseller and founder of Closet2Closet 

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Utilizing online marketplaces proves to be a more cost-effective strategy compared to allocating a budget for advertising on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Google. 

Even if you decide to adjust your profit margin by factoring in the marketplace commission, the overall cost remains notably advantageous when compared to the expenses associated with running campaigns on major advertising channels.

Advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and Google places you in direct competition with industry giants who boast substantial marketing budgets – a challenge that can be daunting for smaller businesses. Achieving visibility for your advertisements on these platforms becomes increasingly challenging due to the dominance of major players, including the very marketplaces we're discussing. Competing with such entities in terms of ad exposure becomes a considerable hurdle.

On the contrary, leveraging marketplaces provides you with a unique advantage by granting access to visibility without the hefty price tag. When you post your products on these marketplaces, it is your offerings that receive the spotlight. This not only minimizes the financial strain on your business but also ensures that your products are prominently featured, increasing the likelihood of reaching a broader audience and driving sales. In essence, the inherent visibility of marketplaces becomes a strategic asset, offering a cost-efficient alternative to traditional advertising channels.

You do not have to lower your margin to sell on marketplaces

Selling on marketplaces offers the advantage of not necessitating a reduction in your profit margins. In fact, it is possible to increase the prices of your products compared to your own website, as long as you maintain competitiveness within the marketplace. This flexibility allows for strategic pricing decisions, providing the option to slightly raise prices without significantly impacting your profit margins. Furthermore, maintaining a lower pricing on your website encourages buyers to directly visit and shop from your website, rather than through the marketplace. This dual strategy enhances your overall market presence and sales opportunities.

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Notifying your followers when you list new products

Regularly listing new products on marketplaces provides an opportunity to cultivate a committed community of followers. Users willingly subscribe to your profile, eager to be the first to know when you add fresh items to your catalog. The growing trend of using marketplaces as a platform to track favorite sellers has become prominent among informed consumers.

While many followers opt to track your activity on marketplaces, it's crucial to note that the majority prefer making purchases directly on your site to benefit from the best prices and potential exclusive promotions. Nevertheless, engagement on marketplaces significantly contributes to the visibility of your profile. By accumulating a substantial number of followers, your profile is highlighted, enhancing your presence in the platform's search algorithms.

This heightened visibility translates into optimal exposure for your products, capturing the attention of a broader audience potentially interested in your offerings. Actively encouraging your customers to follow your profile on marketplaces establishes a lasting relationship, reinforcing brand loyalty and stimulating opportunities for future sales. In summary, conscientious management of your presence on marketplaces can serve as a powerful catalyst for the growth of your online business!

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