The Vintage Bar Selling Guide: Unleashing Success in Luxury Vintage Reselling

July 12, 2023

With almost 1000 new items every month and a growing community of 200 000 members, The Vintage Bar represents a lucrative opportunity for pro resellers to tap into the thriving vintage market. Its diverse inventory, quality assurance, community-building initiatives, and online integration, The Vintage Bar offers a compelling proposition for those seeking to expand their vintage reselling business. By partnering with this renowned destination, pro resellers can unlock new avenues for growth, connect with an international community, and take their businesses to new heights in the world of vintage reselling.

Which audience to attend on The Vintage Bar ? 

The Vintage Bar's online platform has successfully attracted shoppers and sellers from worldwide, fostering a global community that facilitates cross-cultural connections and exchanges. This community shares a common passion for vintage fashion, accessories, and collectibles.

From the perspective of shoppers, The Vintage Bar is gathering a group of consumers that strongly resonates with millennial and Gen Z individuals, primarily women, who have a deep appreciation for vintage fashion trends and enjoy discovering great deals. These community members prioritize affordability while still valuing fashion, and they recognize the value proposition that The Vintage Bar offers. The platform allows them to find unique vintage pieces at attractive price points.

Additionally, The Vintage Bar's audience is highly engaged on various social media platforms. They actively participate in online communities, follow fashion influencers, and actively seek inspiration and trends. To cater to an increasingly demanding audience, The Vintage Bar is determined to strengthen its presence on social media and promote unique vintage pieces through its resellers. 

What are the Advantages of Selling on The Vintage Bar Marketplace for Pro Resellers? 

Gaining in visibility 

First and foremost, selling on marketplaces enables you to increase your visibility and credibility as a second hand seller, at a lower cost. This is certainly one of the most common reasons why online thrift stores use marketplaces. By consolidating supply and demand in one place, marketplaces attract more traffic than individual e-commerce websites. The marketplace's brand image benefits sellers, especially when they are not (yet) well-known.

The Vintage Bar especially supports the growth of professional resellers on the platform by offering various initiatives to increase your visibility. The platform provides an "extra service" exclusively designed for pro-resellers, granting them access to numerous advantages. These include a faster publication of their item, personalized Partner Listing Pages, onboarding services, and exclusive articles dedicated to them on The Vintage Bar's blog section, "The Archive," along with other valuable benefits. 

Diversify your audience

Whether you're just starting out or are a well-established retailer, marketplaces give you access to a wider audience that would otherwise be difficult to reach. As a result, you can target different demographic groups and diversify your revenue distribution internationally.Expanding into international markets is often a risky endeavor for businesses, accompanied by various concerns. However, by utilizing marketplaces, resellers can mitigate these risks. Marketplaces provide a platform to test new markets and introduce new products, allowing businesses to gauge the viability of their expansion strategy with lower risks involved. It serves as an ideal opportunity to validate and refine their expansion plans based on market response and demand.

Access to an international community of professional resellers

The Vintage Bar has the advantage of accepting professional sellers from anywhere in the world, including the United States and countries outside the European Union. 

Securise your cashflow

Second(hand marketplaces serve as reliable intermediaries in the payment process. They collect payments from buyers on behalf of sellers and securely transfer the funds, deducting their commission. This system ensures that sellers receive their payments promptly and provides an added layer of protection in case of any issues or disputes. Having this payment handling mechanism in place is appreciated by accountants and adds an extra level of financial security and convenience for sellers.

Selling on Miinto automatically

Last but not least, we must mention that selling on The Vintage Bar allows you to sell to its mother company Miinto, a big European e-commerce platform. Selling on Miinto’s preowned section  brings even visibility to pro-resellers from The Vintage Bar, with products live in 13 markets

Both marketplaces operate separately, but share an operational back office to optimize the buying and selling experience, and progressively merge to allow sharing of best practices and to support an accelerated growth in the circular fashion market. 

Things you need to know to sell effectively on The Vintage Bar

Before starting to sell on The Vintage Bar or any other resale platform it’s important to consider several aspects to maximize your chances of success. Here are some key points to know before getting started:

Product Authentication

The Vintage Bar emphasizes the authenticity of the items offered. Before submitting your products for sale, ensure you have detailed information about the origin of your items and keep all necessary evidence. If you are wondering how to ensure the authenticity of your pieces, Oly platform has written another article on this subject, just here

Product Selection and Condition

To attract potential buyers, it is essential to offer high-quality and sought-after products. The Vintage Bar focuses on vintage fashion and accessory pieces from prestigious brands. Ensure that your items meet these criteria and are in good condition. Rare, unique, or iconic products generally have more success.

When submitting your products for sale, make sure to describe them accurately and in detail. Mention the condition of the item, highlighting any imperfections or signs of wear. Provide high-quality photographs that showcase important details. An accurate and honest description will help establish trust with potential buyers. Here are the different wear conditions you can mention on The Vintage Bar:

- New, with tags: A never-worn item with original tags attached.

- Excellent: Worn a couple of times, almost pristine condition with slight wear or scratches but no defects.

- Good, but used: Worn and potentially washed, visible wear and tear with minor defects.

- Worn with love: Frequently worn with larger and more visible defects, such as stains.

Pricing and Commission Policies

Familiarize yourself with The Vintage Bar's pricing and commission policies. On The Vintage Bar specifically you might expect a commission fee of 15% for professional sellers. However, as stated in their FAQ, everything regarding commission will be settled individually once you apply to become a professional partner.

This commission will be applied to adjust the final listing price, with a markup applied on the platform to cover costs such as transaction fees, marketing, and quality control (Q&C), among others. While this may impact your profit margins, increased visibility compensates for it.

Shipping and Return Conditions

Get informed about the shipping and return conditions on The Vintage Bar. Understand your obligations and responsibilities as a seller, including secure packaging and shipping of sold items. Be prepared to handle return requests in accordance with the platform's policies.

Tracking Trends

The luxury vintage market is constantly evolving, so it is important to stay updated on trends and buyer preferences. Keep abreast of popular brands, styles, and sought-after pieces to optimize your offerings and attract a broader audience. Visit The Vintage Bar's blog, "The Archive," regularly updated with articles about upcoming trends, current vintage pieces, and must-not-miss deals. It is an easily accessible and reliable source to stay informed about vintage fashion trends.

By keeping these key points in mind, you will be better prepared to sell successfully on The Vintage Bar and any other marketplaces. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the platform's policies and offer quality authentic products while providing excellent customer service. With a professional and attentive approach, you can make the most of this platform dedicated to luxury vintage.

The Vintage Bar x Oly 

Listing your products automatically from your website to The Vintage Bar with Oly

Oly and The Vintage Bar collaborate to make your life easier as a professional reseller. Thanks to Oly you can seamlessly connect your product catalog on the Vintage Bar, list, update or remove your items from the platform in just one click. You can choose the selection of products you wish to publish to The Vintage Bar, and at which price you want your items to be listed on the Vintage Bar.

Whenever a product is sold out in your store or another channels connected through Oly, it will be automatically removed from The Vintage Bar.

Order management on The Vintage Bar with Oly

Oly provides an order management system with The Vintage Bar, meaning that whenever you make a sale on The Vintage Bar, you inventory is updated automatically on your website. This way, you are sure to maintain accurate stock levels across all sales channels connected through Oly. 

Save your time and increase your sales by connecting your product catalog seamlessly on several marketplaces with Oly. 

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