The best selling bags on second hand platforms (Vestiaire Collective, Rebelle, The Vintage Bar, Yoox - Net à Porter)

July 24, 2023

On the luxury second-hand market, handbags hold a prominent position and represent a significant share of resold products. Iconic bags, current trends, and limited editions cater to a wide range of tastes. Beyond acquiring designer pieces at a more affordable price, certain handbags have become iconic and are considered collector's items. People actively seek these iconic models in the second-hand market due to their sentimental and historical value, in addition to their prestige.

In this new article, we will list the most selling handbags on various second-hand websites such as Vestiaire Collective, Rebelle, The Vintage Bar, and Yoox Net-a-Porter.

The Everlastings

  1. Louis Vuitton - Neverfull, Speedy, Alma, Pochette Métis
  2. Chanel - Classic Flap, Boy Bag
  3. Gucci - Jackie 1961, Dionysus, GG Marmont
  4. Hermès - Birkin, Kelly
  5. Céline - Luggage, Trio, Belt Bag
  6. Balenciaga - City
  7. Prada - Saffiano, Galleria
  8. Dior - Lady Dior, Saddle Bag
  9. Saint Laurent - Sac de Jour, Kate, Niki
  10. Fendi - Peekaboo, Baguette

This first part of the most resold bags highlights the enduring popularity of luxury brand classics. These iconic bags have stood the test of time in terms of style and quality, making them sought-after and cherished choices among fashion enthusiasts.

The Louis Vuitton Neverfull and Speedy, along with Chanel's Classic Flap and Boy Bag, are timeless staples that continue to garner lasting enthusiasm. Their classic designs, practicality, and association with prestigious luxury brands make them highly desired accessories among many fashion addicts.

The Birkin bag by Hermès remains one of the most sought-after and popular bags on second-hand platforms. Its status as a fashion icon, coupled with its unparalleled design and rarity in the primary market, contributes significantly to its reputation on resale platforms.

Overall, this initial selection reflects a consistent demand for iconic bags from prestigious fashion houses; These bags are considered safe investments with their value tending to increase over time.

Dior, Saddle Bag - @pinterest

The trendies

11. Jacquemus - Chiquito 

12. Bottega  Veneta - Pouch 

13. Chloé - Marcie

14. Coach - Tabby, Pillow Tabby

15. Loewe - Gate, Basket BAG

Currently, consumers prioritize luxury bags that retain their value over time. While trendy or contemporary bags from popular brands like Loewe, Chloe, Bottega Veneta, and Jacquemus also sell well, their popularity on resale sites may be short-lived.

Bottega Veneta bag candy cassette
Bottega,Veneta intrecciato Cassette bag @pinterest

The collectors 

16. LV x Takashi Murakami

17. LV x Stephen Sprouse

18. Balenciaga x Gucci 

19. Gucci x Disney

20. Supreme x Louis Vuitton

Finally, a separate category in the top second-hand sales is dedicated to limited editions and collaborations. At the forefront of this category, we find the renowned luxury brand Louis Vuitton, known for transforming its iconic bags with the artistic touch of street artists from around the world, as demonstrated by their recent collaboration with the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama.

Among the most coveted models are the multicolored monogram and Graffiti bags resulting from the LV x Takashi Murakami and LV x Stephen Sprouse collaborations. These limited-edition pieces attract significant attention and demand from fashion enthusiasts and collectors due to their unique and artistic designs.

Limited editions and collaborations often carry a certain exclusivity and artistic value, making them highly desirable among fashion-forward consumers who seek to own a piece of art combined with the luxury of a renowned brand. These special editions become highly collectible items and can hold or increase their value over time, making them a sought-after choice on the second-hand market.

Louis Vuitton X Takashi Murakami @pinterest

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